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It’s a song and dance…

The Hall for Cornwall (HfC) in Truro is planning a £17.6million redevelopment to enable a sustainable future. Cornwall’s main theatre has plans to redesign the auditorium, adding 250 seats and build a new entrance with cafes and bard.

Cornwall Council, who own the Grade II building, met recently to consider giving £3m to the project. The fund will be matched by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and the European Regional Development Fund.

The venue has been breaking even and needs to expand to create protect its future.

 Increasing the size of the auditorium from 965 seats to 1,215 seats could potentially increase annual audiences from 180,000 to 200,000 and increase annual profits by £450,000.

At present, the Hall for Cornwall has been running a break-even, subsidised business model. To enable HfC to be resilient and competitive with venues in Bristol and Plymouth annual profits will need to be increased by at least £400,000.

The HfC currently employs 90 staff, according to Cornwall Council and generates more than £16m per annum for the Cornish economy.

A final decision will be taken by the council’s cabinet in November who supported the £3m investment.

Redevelopment is planned to start in late 2017 and the venue could be closed for up to 15 months for construction work to be completed.

As an integral part to Cornish arts and culture, expansion can only mean better things for redevelopment of other areas around the city. The Hall for Cornwall has supported many productions from international rock stars to local theatre productions companies. It will be a very positive step and a secure future for the rising stars in Cornwall.