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March on for new structures…

We are nearly at the end of Q1 already, it seems that only yesterday we were wishing our many clients a Merry Christmas. Whilst we are busy around the country with new and exciting projects, we thought we would draw your attention to something a little closer to home. Planning and new construction has always been a touchy subject for the residents of Porthleven, recently plans were rejected for Origin Coffee’s new HQ in the dockyard of the thriving village. Most Porthleveners were welcoming the opportunities that a growing SME would bring; new jobs, more visitors and an exciting attraction of a roasterie. Others, were worried of the increased pressure of local infrastructure and the designs of the building itself which sent architects and designers back to the drawing board for a second attempt. The new plans are yet to be revealed and consideration for a new site elsewhere is possible.

Time for a new planning ‘coo’ with plans considered for project ‘Harbour Head Terrace’. Cllr Andrew Wallace is very good at providing as much information to the public as possible about future plans and planning applications and often highlights the pros and cons with each development on his blog. The project itself is of architectural significance as it has resonance to the original state of the harbor many, many years ago. The harbour had no structure and was just a landing area for local merchant and fishing vessels with different boat building and repair sheds. It has been vastly improved with the addition of strengthened walls and the separation of the inner and outer harbour keeping the vessels safe out of weathers vicious way. Improvements were recently made to the supporting wall of Harbour Road, the restoration took some months to tidy and improve the salt-water beaten granite but stands proud supporting generations to come.

The new plans will see three structures built along the lower harbour wall below the harbour head which will turn the area into a more ‘useable’ public space. The area is still privately owned, with the condition the public can access the area at all times, currently unwelcoming and not very well utilised, there are several possibilties for what the structures may be used for. An idea for an outdoor classroom for Porthleven School has been considered, along with food and drink outlets with first refusal to local businesses or storage facilities for the local fishermen. This is an interesting project and one which we are sure will spark many debates among their usage and rights. Stay tuned to Cllr Andrew’s blog for futher updates on planning submissions in Porthleven.





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