Alan Brown Developments | Tintagel Castle has a new connection

Tintagel Castle has a new connection

As one of the South-West’s top attractions with around 200,000 visitors a year, Tintagel Castle is a historical icon for connecting the dramatic, rugged landscape to the man-made superstructure that was the main castle. Standing as only a ruin now, the island still remains prominent in history and an important part of our heritage.

Acting as a stage over thousands of years for Dark-Age rulers, mythological tales and bloody battles, Tintagel is set to take on a quieter but still impressive connection to the twenty-first century. With the path worn with adventure, a new bridge is on the horizon which will stand an astonishingly 28 metres higher than the original spanning 72 metres. Not only will this be a defining feature in its own right, but conscious of the landscape surrounding and merely compliment the impressive architecture that has stood through it’s fair share of stormy times.

With a panel of ten experts ranging from engineering and architecture to an award winning author, their curious eyes will be casting over the briefs of local and national architects and engineers to produce a sustainable and icon link between the island and mainland. With a total project cost estimated at £4 million the bridge is due to be completed Spring 2014.